Non-NHS Fees

Please see below our list for various different services. If you require any further information, please contact the practice directly.



Access to computerised medical records £10.00
Copies of medical records 35p per copy (maximum £50)
DNA paternity testing £38
Driving licence signature £20.00
Driving medical £75
Fitness to attend school, university etc. £15.50
Fitness to drive, with examination £70
Fitness to travel £15.50
Freedom from infection certificate £15.50
Holiday cancellation £15.50
Incapacity certificate £15.50
Income protection from £26
Medical for food processors £15.50
Medical reports from records £58.50
Private patients £175.50 per hour (min. 15 minutes)
Private prescription £15.50
Private medical insurance claim form from £25
School fees insurance claim form from £26
Sickness/accident ins. Benefit claim form from £26
Sick note £15.50
Simple certificate of fact £15.50
More complex certificate of fact £30
To whom it may concern letter from £15.50
Asylum seeker report As per solicitors report
Army pre-employ health questionnaire Practice will be advised of fee
Childminder health form (patient or employer) £87.50
Criminal injuries compensation board Practice will be advised of fee
Disability living allowance £33.50
DVLA report Practice will be advised of fee
Fostering/child care exam Variable, check form
Housing report £25.15
Insurance report (PMA) £94
Insurance sickness claim £49.50
Insurance report – additional/targeted reports £25
Insurance exam £77.50
Occupational health report £32
Solicitors typed report £78 minimum (£120 per hour)
Solicitors photocopy of notes 35p per copy (min £35 max £50)