NSFT Recovery College

The NSFT Recovery College runs free webinars and Zoom workshops covering a range of mental health issues, designed to help people learn how to live alongside their mental health problems rather than be disabled by them, discover ways of dealing with ongoing difficulties, and take more control over their health and wellbeing. Their courses have been co-developed and are co-delivered with trained peers who have lived experience of mental health problems.

To make the service more accessible, people can now join Recovery College without a referral to secondary services. Many people find it a quick and empowering way to receive support with their mental health.

All people need to do is contact them for more information by emailing RecoveryOnline@nsft.nhs.uk or visit their website at www.nsft.nhs.uk/Get-involved/Pages/Recovery-College-courses.aspx for the most up to date timetable and prospectus.